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The following Friday afternoon saw Fiona on my doorstep, smiling sweetly as she asked whether I would mind looking after the ladies for her this evening. Apparently, she was going to a person and a celebration she truly desired to fuck was going to be there.

I let her do almost all the talking while my mind went through some of the things I may do to one, or both, of her pretty young daughters that night. As she was leaving she included a final, tantalising piece of information, “Oh, almost forgot. Kate asked whether she might sleepover in Kirstie’s space tonight and if it’s all right with you I’ll call her mum and let her know.”

” Of course,” came my reply, “Two, three … what’s the difference.” Wanting her a terrific night and closing my front door behind her I could not assist however to believe that there truly was a Santa Claus and tonight was Christmas. Joy!

I decided to get some things together that might show beneficial. For instance; a Polaroid cam, gag, blindfold, a soft whip, a roll of nylon rope, a dildo, lube, some Vodka and just in case … half a package of Rohypinols that were being in my medicine cabinet.

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I showed up next door at around 6.30 pm. Fiona had just left the shower and the girls were in their spaces doing research. Fiona told me to go make myself comfortable, help myself to food if hungry and view whatever I like on T.V., and after that excused herself so she could continue to prepare yourself.

Fiona was in her room, so I opened the door to see quite young Kate standing there. I greeted Kate with a smile and uplifting “Hello.”.

” Hi” she responded then asked if Kirstie was in her room.

” Sure is,” I addressed and saw her walked down the hall to Kirstie’s space.

Fiona emerged from her room all dressed up and looking all set to leave. Kirstie and Kate can remain up as late as they like, offered they’re well behaved for you.

Little did she understand that a tough time is what I desired!

See ya,” she stated as she left through the front door. “Hi Mr Cruz,” she said with a smile as she sat down in a leather recliner chair.

Sluts Ruxton – Prostitutes

” Hey there Sweetheart,” I responded. Kirstie and Kate emerged some 45mins later on.

” Hi Mr Cruz, how are you?” stated Kirstie.

” Excellent, and you?” I responded.

” Fine thanks,” she responded.

Kirstie and Kate then tossed some cushions on the floor in front of the T.V. and plonked themselves down in front of the couch I was resting on. Kirstie was still in her school uniform, the short hemline providing me a view of her blue panties. I chose it would be best to wait on Vanessa to crash out prior to I tried anything, but it was still early, so I liquified half a Rowie in a cup of warm milk and gave it to the youngest lady. Some twenty minutes later on I looked over toward Vanessa and saw her struggling to keep her eyes open. “You look actually tired Vanessa, maybe you should go to sleep.” She nodded in agreement and wished us “Goodnight” as she trundled off to her room.

It was now 10:30 pm and we ‘d enjoyed the video we leased and there was nothing but shit on T.V. “I wish we ‘d got another video,” said Kate.

” Darren (Kate’s older sibling) has some excellent videos,” stated Kirstie with a saucy search her face. Kate began to blush and grinned embarrassingly.

” What’s he got?” I asked.

<iframe width=”100%” height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Neither girl responded to, but just took a look at one another and begun laughing.

” Well … are you going to tell me or not?” I asked once again.

In between laughs, Kirstie managed to say, “Darren’s got a collection of pornography videos.”.

” Oh truly? I hope neither of you two have actually watched any. It’s versus the law and I’m sure your Mother would not approve,” I said.

” No, but we’ve simply taken a look at the covers,” Kate responded. Kirstie then stated just how much she would like to see one simply to see what all the fuss was about as Kate nodded in agreement. Little did they understand that I already knew they ‘d enjoyed a minimum of some, thanks to young Kirstie’s diary.

” I don’t think so. Your mum would kill me if she knew I ‘d enabled you to see something like that at your age,” I stated.

To which Kirstie coyly replied, “We will not tell if you don’t!”.

As if contemplating their request I slowly addressed, “Ahhh, I don’t believe so.”.

” Please, please, please!!” both girls begged in unison.

” Nope,” I responded.

” How about if we toss a coin to choose. If we win we’ll view the videos and if you win we play cards or scrabble or something,” offered Kirstie.

” Pleeeease can we?” chimed in Kate.

I took a look at them quietly for a moment pretending to consider their deal, lastly stating, “Well, it’s against my better judgment, however fine”.

Tossing the coin into the air I asked, “Heads or tails?”.

” Tails!” both responded to.

I caught the coin and covering it over with my hand, looked a look. It was headed. “Tails it is,” I lied.

” YEAH!!” squealed the two ladies. Kate then informed us nobody was house at her location today so it would be easy to grab some and then come back here to view them. Kate survived on the exact same street as us about 10 homes down, so off we went.

When they emerged Kate was bring her schoolbag that I presume she was utilizing to transfer the videos. As they approached me I looked at them stating, “Now, you both guarantee that this will be our little trick.

As soon as back at Fiona’s I searched in the bag to see what they ‘d selected. Titles that caught my eye included ‘NASTY ANAL SLUTS Vol.4’, ‘ROCCO’S SUPERSTARS OF PORN’, ‘SODOMANIA 13’ and ‘JUVENILE DELINQUENT’. The last one discussed had a cover portraying a woman in school uniform, gagged and bound to a chair with her tits hanging out of her gown.

I recognized this to be the one Kirstie had pointed out in one of her diary entries, the one that made them both so damp!

” Alright, select one girl.”.

Kirstie got one titled ‘GANGBANG BITCHES No. 11’ and handed it to me. As I looked over the cover I stated, “I do not understand about this ladies.”.

” Come on. You assured we might if we won the coin toss,” whimpered Kate.

” Yeah!” insisted Kirstie “You guaranteed!”.

Time to see just how nasty these young girls were, I believed to myself. “Alright, we’ll view it on one condition.”.

” Cool! What condition?” Kirstie asked.

” I desire both of you to reveal yourselves and provide me a take a look at your tits.”.

The women looked at each other for a short time, then took a look at me and said excitedly, “O.K!”.

Kirstie then added, “We can enjoy the whole video with our tits out if you like.”.

” Sounds like a plan to me,” I stated grinning.

” Now begin playing the video and we’ll take our complete so you can have a good take a look at our tits,” said Kirstie.

Kate pulled her tight crop top over her head and unclipped her bra letting it fall to the floor exposing her pert young breasts, then stated, “Is that all right Mr Cruz?”.

” A whole lot much better than OKAY!” came my reply.

” My turn now,” stated Kirstie enthusiastically, then she started to slowly unbutton her school gown beginning with the top button. When all the buttons above her waist were unfastened, she reached behind her back to unclip her bra pulling it out through a sleeve.

The only thing in between those tits and me was a light cotton dress that simply covered each of her big lobes. “Is that enough, or would you like me to keep going?” teased Kirstie.

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Sluts Ruxton HR1 4

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6554 Ruxton, EN HR1 4

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Sluts Ruxton HR1 4
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